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Client Feedback


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CODEL International Ltd

We particularly appreciated the way in which audit interviews were conducted; leaving all personnel with a feeling of being involved in a process to improve the effective operation of the company rather than an exercise specifically aimed at finding faults.

MGW Dingle, QA Manager and Director


Astrium UK

It is becoming evident [...] that the business payback so far has offset a considerable percentage of the initial set up costs and it is clear [...] that this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.
Paul McKenzie, FIOSH, Health, Safety and Environment Manager



On choosing [AFAQ-EAQA] it became clear that an organisation that has personnel with industry knowledge […] will certainly make an audit go much smoother, when they themselves, understand the problems, systems and know their way around a nuclear establishment.

Brian Mcallan, Environmental Support Manager


Siemens PT&D

In undertaking the environmental management audit through AFAQ-EAQA we were assured that their strong association with the power and transmission related sectors should be equally respected by our clientele. AFAQ-EAQA also employs only industry sector assessors, whereas a great deal of criticism has been labelled at a number of Certification Bodies, quite rightly, for not having the necessary experience and industry knowledge.

Bob Townsend, QHS&E Manager


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