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Information Technology & Cyber Security

There are a number of certifications and assessments that can provide you with a framework to manage your systems more effectively. An effective management system will enable you to address the IT challenges facing your organisation, whether it be information security or managing the IT services that you provide. Read on to choose the scheme that is right for you.

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PAS 555 - Cyber Security

The number one concern for organisations in the UK*, cyber security is one of the world’s fastest growing problems. PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 555 provides a structured framework for managing the digital security of your organisation. Whereas information security (ISO 27001) deals with information regardless of format, cyber security is concerned with protecting digital assets. That means any information processed, stored and transported by inter-networked information systems.


Unlike some standards, PAS 555 focuses on the outcomes of your system, to ensure that your system genuinely meets your organisation’s performance objectives.


Currently not accredited, PAS 555 systems can nevertheless be assessed and certified by Afnor. Certification will enable your organisation to:


  • improve awareness of the need to identify and mitigate cyber security risk throughout the organisation
  • improve loss prevention and incident management
  • improve organisational resilience
  • focus investment appropriately
  • improve controls
  • improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • improve organisational learning


ISO 27001 – Information Security

Within a business context, we are working with increasing numbers of partners with who we need to share data. How can we ensure that our information is being handled responsibly within and outside our organisation?


ISO 27001 provides a framework for managing information (whatever the format: electronic, spoken, hard copy) and limiting breaches of information security. It will enable you to control the costs linked with security on an ongoing basis.


Certification to ISO 27001 will enable you to:


  • Identify threats and risks facing your organisation
  • Ensure conformity with national and international legislation
  • Increase your clients’ confidence
  • Engage your staff in taking responsibility for information security


ISO 20000-1 – Information Service Delivery

Service quality and reliability are key concerns for IT systems and service providers, and a structured approach is essential. ISO 20000-1 is the standard for demonstrating high performance in IT service delivery.


Certification to ISO 20000-1 allows you to:


  • Improve the lifecycle management of your services
  • Improve the productivity of your business teams
  • Implement effective actions tailored to your clients’ needs
  • Demonstrate good practice with regard to confidential data
  • Rationalise your costs


TickITplus - A Matrix Approach to Certification

The TickITplus scheme offers a completely new way of structuring your management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1).


The scheme reflects the broad business areas impacted by information systems activity, such as system integration and configuration. It has been designed to allow combinations of diverse information system management systems to be incorporated into your system, such as ISO 20000-1 (Information Technology Service Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security) using a process approach to the audit.


A process-based approach ensures that systems are documented in a manner which suits an organisation's own way of doing business – not to an imposed artificial structure.


Key Benefits of TickITplus Certification

For organisations:

  • Capability Dimension based on ISO 15504 – Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Focused on Process Outcomes – clearly linked to strategic goals
  • Single certification for multiple standards: ISO 9001, 27001, 20000-1
  • Framework for Benchmarking
  • Encourages and promotes continual improvement
  • Supports process development to meet business needs
  • Formalises good processes and practices
  • Reduces business risk as capability increases

For your customers:

  • Provides better criteria for supplier selection
  • Offers clear indications of suppliers’ process capabilities
  • Allows better risk management


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