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Energy & Lifecycle of Assets


Within a few short years, the management of energies, whether fossil or renewable, and lifecycle, has become a major issue, covering research, business development, production and transport. The concept of sustainable development, together with what it conveys regarding transparency and responsibility, is now accepted by a large number of major groups and governments.


Standards constitute one of the best means for supporting the players in their concern for reliability of the installations and reduction of the environmental impact of their activities. Faced with the new stakes of safety of procurements, energy independence, reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and of liberalisation of the energy markets, standardisation is developing in response to the profound changes experienced by this sector.


Interested in what an Energy Management System can do for you?

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Managing your Energy Performance with ISO 50001

Ambitious targets at both national and European level for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions mean that most businesses are impacted in some form or another. Adopting an Energy Management System (EnMS) can help your organisation to address these challenges in a systematic way. Intended for all bodies, irrespective of their field of activity or size, the ISO 50001 standard is aimed at helping them to develop a methodical energy management approach and at improving their energy efficiency.


Benefits of ISO 50001 Certification


  • Measure and control your energy consumption
  • Use continual improvement for more efficient and sustainable energy consumption
  • Implement an energy performance programme
  • Better practice in energy matters
  • Include energy in your investment choices
  • Strong driver for internal teamwork
  • Enhance your image and business performance
  • By using less energy, you are contributing to greenhouse gas reduction
  • Reinforce confidence in your operations


AFNOR UK offers certification to ISO 50001 under COFRAC accreditation (the French equivalent of UKAS), through our sister company AFNOR Certification. This means that your accredited certificate enjoys worldwide recognition.


ISO 55001 – Asset Management

ISO 55001 provides a framework for optimising the technical and financial performance of your equipment, infrastructure and sites, creating value for your company and minimising risk. It aims to ensure that the approach used for managing risk in asset management is aligned with the organisation’s approach for managing risk.


An asset is an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organisation. The value will vary between different organisations and their stakeholders, and can be tangible or intangible (e.g. leases, brands, digital assets, usage rights, intellectual property, licenses, reputation etc.), financial or non-financial.


Certification to ISO 55001 allows you to:


  • Manage technical and operational risk
  • Optimise your performance and improve overall results over time
  • Improve staff awareness of the need to have a holistic view of the organisation’s assets
  • Improve stakeholder awareness regarding the asset management strategy
  • Improve the ration between short-term efficiencies and longer-term profitability (sustainable development)


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